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We inspire and influence human behaviour

It’s the unique approach at CPM Contact Centres that makes us different. We are committed to bringing ideas to life for our contact centre client with passion, energy and positivity.

We care

At CPM, we’re committed to making your vision a reality. We work hard behind the scenes to get the job done.

We’re curious

We believe in endless possibilities, and we shoot for the stars. Our insatiable curiosity will drive your business forward.

We achieve together

We create our solutions through teamwork and collaboration. CPM people work together to get results.

We’re people people

Meet our contact centre leadership team

Find out more about the people who make up our successful contact centre leadership team. They’re a unique set of individuals with one thing in common; they’re all trusted, committed, engaged and determined to succeed. 

Colin Clark

Managing Director, International Contact Centres

Leading a brilliant team of CX specialists, delivering boutique and boundaryless Contact Centre solutions on behalf of our clients. Loves adventures with the family, coffee, Crossfit & Triathlon.



Annette John

Leadership Director, CX

Passionate about CX excellence and people engagement, and working with a super leadership team delivering solutions for our clients.

Enjoys travelling, spending time with my family, my two Bichon Frise dogs,  Pilates, socialising, and meeting new people.



Scott Bendowski

VP of Optimisation

Leading our Business Development, Estate and Solutions teams to reduce costs and capitalise on latest technologies to enhance Customer Experience. Keen Guitarist and wannabe gamer!


Our responsibilities

We are socially responsible

CPM Contact Centres are committed to long-term corporate social responsibility. We believe in making a positive difference in people’s lives and the communities in which we operate. We’re serious about our DNA, our company culture and the world that we contribute to.

Click here to read the CPM Corporate Social Responsibility Review 2020/21



CPM always has and always will support the community around us. This promise manifests itself in a variety of forms across our contact centres from encouraging sport, health and fitness to education and active environmental support.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our contact centre environments and culture encourages  diversity, inclusion and employee engagement. CPM has always set the highest ethical standards and encourages others to do the same.


CPM contact centre operations are monitored and evaluated to minimise the company’s environmental footprint through increased efficiency. Sustainability is a key element of our commitment to continuous innovation.


Whether we are representing our clients or ourselves, our contact centres maintain the highest ethical standards and complies with all legal and regulatory codes at industry, national and international level.

Our global reach

Discover the worldwide network of CPM
The CPM evolution

Our story

Our mission is to remain at the leading edge of innovation in this ever-changing industry. We’re always ready to diversify into new markets and capitalise on developing technologies.