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What´s on your mind today? Black Friday is very much to the forefront of my mind right now. This, and preparing for an extremely busy three months that lay ahead for our business. We recently hired an additional 220 people in Bratislava and Barcelona. I want to ensure that our wonderful team remains happy, focused and motivated during what promises to be a very busy quarter for us.

What makes you curious? I´m very curious about how we balance so much of this new technology in our business with the appropriate amount of human empathy and understanding. How we continue to ensure that we deliver emotive interactions with our valued customers. Getting that crucial equilibrium right between technology and the human element. After all, we are a people business.

Do you have any involvement in our new Slovakia hub? Yes indeed! I am proud to say that I was part of the first team on the ground in Bratislava earlier this year. I was delighted to welcome our new colleagues in Slovakia. Apart from being a great tactical location, I was so impressed with the Slovak people, their culture and indeed their work ethic. Slovakia is a wonderful choice for our new hub.

Family aside, what do you care about most in life? That is an unfair question considering my four-year-old son is the centre of my life (laughs). He has taught me the importance of a healthy work-life balance and about building meaningful life memories.

I also care a lot about being active. I am very passionate about this. I recently completed my first full marathon, and I am about to tackle a half-marathon in the Scottish Highlands.

What does CPM International mean to you in 3 words? Agile, fun and diverse.

You are a fairly recent addition to the CPM family, what have enjoyed most so far? The team spirit I have witnessed here has been truly impressive. That sense of achieving together is so prevalent at CPM. It´s simply an exciting company to be part of right now.

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra? ´´Enjoy failure and learn from it, you never learn from success´´

Victoria is our Commercial Director at Dyson. 

Discover the latest career opportunities at our Slovakia contact centre hub: CPM Careers.

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